What Are Squad Marks?


Squad Marks are the ultimate gaming aid for table top miniatures. They are plastic clips that simply enough help “mark your squads” and can snap on and off of your bases in between games. Squad Marks are designed for standard base sizes and shapes such as beveled edged found in games like Warhamer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and Infinity the Game, rounded edges found in Warmachine and Malifaux and straight edged such as laser cut acrylic bases.

During the heat of any battle sometimes it can be hard to differentiate when what squad ends and when what squad begins. What unit has what powers or traits, and who is in what detachment. Squad Marks makes this easy by allowing you to change this up in between games without have to repaint your miniatures and use them on all of those unpainted gray miniatures you have during practice games (we know who you are). By quickly painting or marking the two tabs on each side of the Squad Mark this will help clear up any issues for remembering for you and your opponent.

Another great built in feature of the Squad Mark is the addition of a magnetic adhesive sticker. This is placed on the bottom and can be used attach your miniature to any magnetic surface when transporting or on the battlefield using movement trays. There are some great products that work well with Squad Marks such as Table Wars Movement trays and Battle Foams Magna racks.

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