What are squad marks?


Squad Marks is the ultimate gaming aid accessory for your table top miniatures. They are plastic clips provided in various diameters that clip on and off your bases in between games. They fit on most standard base size diameters and shapes such as the beveled bases from Games workshops Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar and Infinity the Game by Corvus Belli. They will also fit rounded edges found in Warmachine as well as straight edged laser cut acrylic bases.

The main function of Squad Marks is to easily enough “mark your squads”. The whole Squad Mark or just the two tabs that clip on can be used for adding colors and or symbols to easily differentiate your units in the heat of battle. These can be used to separate squads and detachments, and even mark commander powers and traits without having to touch your miniatures paint scheme or help with gray models in practice games. And in games such as Infinity or Warmachine, the tabs can also be used as facing markers.

Another added benefit to Squad Marks is that each one comes with its own magnetic sticker that adheres to the bottom. This can be used to attach your miniature to any magnetic surface for transportation or on movement trays during a game. Some great products that this works well with are Table War case trays and Battle Foam Magna Racks, but any metal sheet from the local hardware store will work just as well.