What are squad marks?

Squad Marks is an accessory for tabletop war-gaming. It has been designed to attach to the bottom of standard base sizes. They make it easy to identify your different units on the battlefield with two small tabs on each side of the base. This allows you to paint or mark the tabs in any way you would like; from detachments, type, and maybe even powers or abilities.

Also included with each Squad Mark is a sticky magnetic disk. Once the disk is applied to the bottom of the Squad Mark, this allows your models to be safely transported on any magnetic surfaces. Products such as Table Wars Display Case, Battle Foams Magna Racks, and metal movement trays work seamlessly with Squad Marks.

Squad Marks is currently only in prototype stage and is looking for crowdfunding support through our website. Pre-order is available at up to 25% off retail for helping fund this product. Just like most crowdfunding websites, the backer will not be charged for pre-ordering until the order us ready to ship. Once they are ready to ship, we will notify the backers who will receive the first production run. In addition the to Squad Marks product we also offer ready made and custom laser cut accessories.